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Bird Coloring
Bird Coloring Game

Hate Matches 3
This is an avoiding-shooting game
Avoid all the evil matches and shoot to the generator.

Squad Run
A new style puzzle game! Find the corresponding robot pieces among the many other choices moving on a conveyor
Try to be in time to experience a new level!

Fantasy Doll Human
Dress up the fantasy human doll.

Catapult Comp Summer 2009
It's back! Catapult Comp is fresh for the Summer! See how far you can throw the rock, and compare your results with the world!!!

Whack the Avi's with the hammer as many times as you can. Miss 10 Avi's and it is game over.

Dirty drag
Drag racing game, car appearance and modification. for testing use these cheats ctrl+p, and ctrl+l. new adition : new body kit, new rims, new chasis.

Grape Galaxy
Hiro is a space fighter pilot. Help him shoot the enemies.

i-dear Bikini-Puzzle game 056
Arrange the picture to the right order in time limit
Total has 5 stage need to pass
If you pass the 5 stage will give your a special gift
thanks for playing.

Brazilian Lottery
Brazilian Lotto Simulator

Topology puzzle. Collect all the green balls in the right order. Use teleports, bombs and more!

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